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    VIO juice detox

Re-evaluate your health goals in life. Jumpstart weight loss with this program while invigorating and energizing your body. The program is built around the alkalizing functionality of green vegetables to bring your body back into balance and the positive side effect of trimming down some weight. An easy to follow program, perfect if you have a busy lifestyle and still want to keep on socializing during working time/during the week.

Your daily package contains only 802 calories and include the following products (8x255ml):

Juice 1: RISE&SHINE (carrot & apple with lemon and ginger) 83Kcal

Juice 2: MASTER GREEN (cucumber, kale & celery with apple and lemon) 71Kcal

Juice 3: EASY GREEN (celery & orange with apple, spinach, lemon and ginger) 90Kcal

Juice 4: AVOCADO & GREENS (lunchtime with avocado, apple, celery, spinach and lemon) 228Kcal

Juice 5: SWEET BEETS (beets & carrots with orange, apple and lemon) 72Kcal

Juice 6: MASTER GREEN (cucumber, kale & celery with apple and lemon) 71Kcal

Juice 7: EASY GREEN (celery & orange with apple, spinach, lemon and ginger) 90Kcal

Juice 8: CHILL OUT (cucumber with pineapple) 97Kcal

GIFT: every first time customer receives our fashionable & high quality cooling bag to accompany you on the go!

TIP 1: We strongly recommend to supplement the detox with your regular vitamins, minerals and bulletproof oils!

TIP 2: You can always add some additional protein to your detox - for example by adding Chia Seeds to the drinks
          (works great in all juices, except Juice 5&6). Should hunger really strike in have some homemade almond or
          cashew milk, crack some slightly roasted nuts (best to buy raw and roast it at home) or have a poached egg!

TIP 3: Make it your weekly routine to detox 1 day per week. Especially recommended right after the weekend (Mon/
           Tue) to put your food intake back on track!

NEW: VIO juices as single bottles are also available at April Gourmet, Jenny Lou and Jenny Wang supermarkets!

VIO juice detox

Beijing offers great opportunities to overindulge: think gourmet dining-out and late-night sprees.

With air pollution doing its part our systems get clogged up, we feel tired and exhausted.

Juice cleanses are a completely natural and healthy way to re-energize!

Allowing your body to reboot will have you feel rejuvenated, radiant and energized!

Choose what’s right for you: learn more about our 1/3/5 day programs below!

What’s in it: Every day of detoxing includes 8 bottles of cold-pressed vegetable juices delivered to your office or home. That’s 2 liter of raw liquid power bursting with vitamins, enzymes & nutrients that will help to reboot your digestive system!

To find out more eMail to or scan the QR code to connect directly with our co-founder Flo on WeChat!!

RMB 180 (1 day) / RMB 540 (3 days) / RMB 900 (5 days)

FREE delivery! Contact us to find out about corporate discount programs!

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