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What is iF?

iF Juice was founded in 2007 by 2 Germans - Hans Au and Flo Eysler - to bring fresh juices and smoothies with high nutrition and great taste to Beijing. No addittives, preservatives, sugar or water are added to our drinks - we are natural pure juice!

How fresh are
your fruit?

At iF we always use the freshest fruit possible - the longer they are stored, the more nutrients are lost. However, some fruit are only available for a couple of weeks in a year. Our mango for example is a very tasty and handpicked variety from Sichuan. In August when they are at the peak of their ripeness, they get harvested, washed, sorted, cut into halves and frozen immediately. By that way nutrients and vitamins are kept intact until we blend it into our drinks. So actually freezing is a great way to naturally preserve fruit and vegetables.

Where are your 
fruits from?

Almost every fruit can be found in the Middle Kingdom as it stretches from the border with Russia far up in the North-East down to the tropical island of Hainan and Yunan in the South. For some fruit however we go shopping abroad: pineapples from The Philippines, grapefruit from South Africa and summer oranges from Florida. Most important for us at iF is the quality of the fruit – be sure that we go for lengths to find the very best for you!

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