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  iF delivery conditions

Dear customers,

We are announcing the following changes in our delivery policy:

  1. 1)iF Juice continues delivery for the following products, customers & occasions:

    - Juice detox packages --> For orders please contact us at 4008-050807 (Chinese only),
                                                 eMail to detox@ifjuice.com (English & Chinese)
                                                 or scan the WeChat QR code on the detox product page

    - Catering deliveries --> Have a house party or birthday coming up? Contact us! Phone/eMail as above

    - Delivery to resellers --> Interested to carry our products? Contact us for a chat!

    Min. order: 200 RMB. Free shipping within Beijing. Pre-payment required (WeChat, T/T).

    Orders above 1,200 RMB can be paid COD (cash on delivery). For all other orders pre-payment is required.
    Note: Depending on your order size a deposit might be necessary.

  1. 2)iF Juice discontinues delivery of individual customers from February 2016 (for exceptions please read 1)).

    You can find our products stocked at the following retailers:

    - April Gourmet supermarkets
    - Jenny Lou / Jenny Wang supermarkets (from March 2016)
    - South German Bakery (Lucky Street, Landmark Tower)
    - Schindler German Food Center (Maizidian)
    - Deli De Luxe (Chaoyang Park West)
    - GungHo Pizza (all outlets)

    From Summer 2016 our products will be available for online order through the following delivery platforms:

    - Sherpa’s
    - GungHo Pizza
    - Jinshisong
    - Daojia
    - ele.me

    If there are any retail outlets you think iF Juice should be stocked at (incl. restaurants, deli shops, educational institutions, wellness/fitness/yoga places, etc.) drop us a simple eMail: sales@ifjuice.com
    Your reward: If we list in a outlet you suggested, we’ll send a box of juices your way (it’s 12 bottles per box..) :)

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