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  About us

iF Foods Ltd. was established 2007 in Beijing to produce and market western-style natural beverages in China.

iF juices and smoothies are free from concentrates, additives, preservatives, added sugars and water. Our products are cold-pressed from Grade A fruit and vegetables to preserve natural flavor and texture. Each bottle contains a great amount of fibre, fruit pulp and natural antioxidants to provide a high nutritional product for our consumers.

The philosophy behind iF Foods originates from the demand for quick, convenient, nutritious and yet tasty nourishment. We cater to demanding customers seeking for stylish and natural products to balance well-being with their hectic lifestyle.

iF products

are distributed & delivered throughout Beijing to serve our customers on a daily basis.

iF retail

makes our wide range of flavors available through a growing network of retailers!

iF delivery

ships juice detox packages to our customers and delivers for home parties‚ birthdays & alike.

iF Food Service

supplies hotel, restaurant and corporate customers. We are proud to serve well over a dozen of the finest hospitality and food & beverage establishments in Beijing.

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